Maritime Consultancy

It is not how big the data is, but the quality and validity of data to diagnose issues, predict outcomes and prescribe the right solution.

What We Commit to Serve

Ship & Crew Management Consultancy

• We will improve legal compliance and operational efficiency. We conduct legal risk analysis, functional inventories and process review for Ship Management and Crew Operations.


• We will ensure that ship management and crew operations are established in the Philippines in a proper manner. We assist investors in setting up their office in the Philippines and register their companies with the relevant government authorities.


• We support ship husbandry and crew changes. We partnered with T. Madsen Shipping Philippines for vessels calling any ports in the Philippines.

Loss & Risk Prevention

• We will find risk areas that can be reduced or eliminated, we audit, survey, conduct inspection and recommend corrective actions for vessel and shore organization.


• We will evaluate the compliance level and quantify the actual remaining on-board (ROB) items when vessels are delivered or re-delivered to new charterers or shipowners, we perform on-hire and off-hire surveys based on the requirement of owners and charterers or for mutual interest.


• We will probe and reveal root causes of accidents and formulate proper corrective actions, we conduct maritime accident/incident investigation and data analytics calculations.


• We will conduct P&I surveys and inspections, and ensure that no further damages, claims and delays are brought upon the shipowners, charterers and underwriters of the vessel.

Maritime Labour Conflict Management

• We will reconcile employee - employer disputes. We support shipping companies in finding alternative and mutual dispute resolution.


• We will ensure a win-win course of action in maritime labour cases. We conduct legal research, analysis and recommendations for shipping companies.


• We will lessen the operational burden of shipping companies when it comes to claims. We manage P&I cases in accordance to the objective and interest of our clients.

You Decide

Together, we will achieve the right solution as simple as A-B-C-D-E;



There is a unique approach to deal with every challenge where all data are collected and analyzed to establish the right root cause of the known problem.


A gathering dialog is an absolute necessity to put the big picture into context and identify options and alternative solutions.


Triangulation of data is a must -investigation of circumstances, direct information on the ground and adjacent environment.


Formation and development of the best course of action.


Ensure that the solution is properly executed.