Maritime Consultancy

It is not how big the data is, but the quality and validity of data to diagnose issues, predict outcomes and prescribe the right solution.

What We Commit to Serve

Maritime Education & Training

• We will improve the quality of Maritime Education and Training (MET), we develop programs to faculty members and students of Senior High School - Maritime Track, Maritime Colleges and Training Centers.

• We will transfer our on-board and shore experience, we engage with the continuing education and development program related to maritime operation and management for private companies and government agencies.


• We will share the importance of the maritime profession in the world trade and inspire young people to pursue maritime career, we participate in the promotion and information campaign of the maritime industry.


• We will ensure a safe operation for special cargoes such as heavy lift, IMO Class 1 and military cargoes, we provide calculations and serve as supercargo during loading, stowage and discharging.


• We will safeguard owners and underwriters from claims and future damage, we perform lifting and securing calculations for heavy lift including inspection of cargo gears, lashing materials and mounting of special lashing points.


• We will reconcile actual quantity of cargoes and protect the owners and underwriters from claims of shortage, we attend quantity and draft surveys within ASEAN Region.


• We will monitor and control movements of IMDG cargoes whether on delivery or in transit from Philippine Ports. We conduct IMDG inspection on-board vessels upon the approval of the competent authorities.

Weather Routing

• We will optimize inter-island safe passages when tropical storm is developing, we provide voyage planning and monitoring so that ship owners and managers can ensure that their vessels are navigating in the safe areas with acceptable distance from the heavy weather condition.


• We will ensure that vessels are not caught within the dangerous semi-circle of the passing tropical storm, we advise voyage planning to shipping companies in advance so that their vessel can avoid damages due to heavy weather condition.


• We will enhance knowledge of ship managers and crew in meteorological and oceanographic events affecting vessel operations, we share our actual experiences and conduct heavy weather damage avoidance courses for shipping companies and government agencies.

You Decide

Together, we will achieve the right solution as simple as A-B-C-D-E;



There is a unique approach to deal with every challenge where all data are collected and analyzed to establish the right root cause of the known problem.


A gathering dialog is an absolute necessity to put the big picture into context and identify options and alternative solutions.


Triangulation of data is a must -investigation of circumstances, direct information on the ground and adjacent environment.


Formation and development of the best course of action.


Ensure that the solution is properly executed.