RightNav in 10-year MIDP

RightNav in 10-year MIDP

Oct 12, 2017

RightNav Maritime strengthens role in MARINA's 10-year Maritime Industry Roadmap


Bolstering an inclusive local industry for growth and development


Manila, 30 October 2017 -- Consultancy service provider RightNav Maritime, under the leadership of founder Capt. Renel C. Ramos, positioned itself as one of driving participants in the Philippine government's plan for the maritime industry. The Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) is currently conceptualizing a 10-year roadmap with the ultimate objective of shaping the Philippines to be a major maritime country, and honing the local maritime industry to be a prime player towards socioeconomic growth and development.


MARINA's 10-year Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP) aims to shape an inclusive and global maritime industry. It is high time for the body to create a new 10-year roadmap as the last one was crafted in the 1980s. Back then,  industry output was limited to small ships, tankers, barges, and fishing vessels, but with the entry of big shipbuilders, ships with large tonnage capacities are being built. At present, the Philippines is now the leading source of sea-based manpower, with US$5.57b in foreign exchange remittance in 2016. Having deployed a whopping 304,329 seafarers in 2016, the Philippines is in need of an updated roadmap taking into account current trends and issues.


RightNav Maritime understands that the MIDP's societal goal of developing and using diplomatic, economic, and informational powers to secure national objectives. It also eyes to foster inclusive growth and socio-economic development in the local maritime industry.


In the Consultative Meeting of MARINA with the members of the Philippine Ship Agents Association and other maritime enterprises held last 12 October 2017, Capt. Ramos was present. He, along with other industry delegates, met and fired ideas with one common goal in mind: make the industry inclusive and growth-oriented.


He comments, "RightNav Maritime participated in the 10-year road mapping together with our colleague Engr. Francisco Honra, the president of T. Madsen Shipping Philippines. Amongst our contribution are:  streamlining of Bureau of Customs process on clearing of imported ship's spares in transit; cargo sharing of government owned cargoes between Philippine Flag vessels and cargo owners; digital processes of arrival and departure clearance of vessels calling the Philippines; crew complement for non-trading vessels operating off-shore in the Philippines territorial waters, and; crew change challenge for Filipino seafarers joining and signing off from Manila ports. We expect that the above inputs will be addressed by the 10-year maritime road map of the Philippines. If we want to compete with other countries, we have to consider these."